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AI Software that Automates 80% of Deck Creation for Your Brand.

DeckFusion quickly creates company branded slides & decks with real-time data -- whether for your prospective clients, active clients, shareholders, or investors.

AI-Powered, Data-Driven Insights

Harness the power of DeckFusion AI, where cutting-edge technology meets data analytics. Our platform transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights, empowering your decision-making with unmatched precision and efficiency.

Secure & Seamless Data Integration

Connecting third-party data platforms have never been easier. DeckFusion offers a user-friendly interface that effortlessly links with your third-party data sources, representing a safe and efficient flow of information for comprehensive, data-driven slides & presentations.

Unified Client Data Management

DeckFusion is the ultimate solution for managing all your clients and their data in one centralized hub. Our platform simplifies client data handling, providing a cohesive and organized way to access and utilize information across all projects.

Excel sheets and google docs are just silos of data.

Manually creating reports that just sit on your computer isn't going to work anymore. Get complete oversight of all connected social profiles from a single platform.

Give Context. What is the cause of this problem?

Talk about the things that cause this problem. This shows the user that you actually understand the problem and empathize with them about their situation.

Give Context. What is the cause of this problem?

Talk about the things that cause this problem. This shows the user that you actually understand the problem and empathize with them about their situation.

Easy & Secure Third-Party Data Integrations

DeckFusion streamlines data integration with an intuitive platform that effortlessly merges diverse third-party data sets, making your presentations visually stunning and enriched with real-time, accurate insights.

Connect and synchronize various data sources with ease, ensuring your presentations are always up-to-date.

Easily audit client prospects with 'Read-Only' access, feature client data to stand-out over competition and close prospective deals -- quicker.

Elevate with AI Guidance

DeckFusion's conversational AI ChatBot assistant is designed to intuitively guide you through the process of crafting the perfect data-driven presentation for your brand.

From selecting relevant data sources to choosing the right metrics, our chatbot ensures a personalized and streamlined experience.

Talk to our AI. Ask specific questions around your client data, and magically create beautifully designed data-driven slides under your company branded assets.

Learn from our AI. Receive valuable recommendations from your client data in minutes. Our AI will even recommend specific integrations to connect based on your prompts.

Save Time with our Live Deck Editor

DeckFusion's Live Deck Editor is a game-changer in presentation creation, offering a dynamic and intuitive interface that revolutionizes the way you interact with data and design.

This powerful tool allows for real-time customization and AI-generated insights, making every slide visually appealing, and rich in data and content.

Effortlessly adjust metrics, change text, layout and images, and refine your presentation's data in real time.  

Utilize the Live Deck Editor's AI mode to generate insightful, data-driven recommendations for each slide. Export into PPT, Keynote, or Google Slides when ready.

Instant Brand-Infused

Upload your brand elements, and let DeckFusion's AI swiftly create a new, updated presentation infused with your branding. This feature streamlines deck creation, integrating your chosen data into a branded format, ensuring both consistency and freshness in every presentation.

Customizable Data Metrics

Within DeckFusion's editor, gain the flexibility to modify metrics linked to specific data sources. Tailor your presentation by changing metrics or their visual representation, ensuring that each slide precisely conveys the intended message and data narrative.

AI Driven Insights on Demand

Activate AI mode to derive insights from specific metrics in your slide. DeckFusion's AI analyzes the underlying data to offer valuable insights, crafting slide-specific recommendations that enhance the depth and relevance of your presentation's content.

"DeckFusion will completely transform how our agency creates data presentations."

The Live Deck Editor is not just a tool; it's a game-changer. It will make our data storytelling compelling and effortless. I'm excited for it to become an indispensable asset for our marketing team!

Emily Torres, Marketing Director

"DeckFusion will change our approach to auditing prospects."

No more '3-5 Business Days' for auditing a client prospect. DeckFusion allows me and my sales team to quickly connect with client data and create a full audit report in minutes. What a game changer!

Chris Darienzo, Business Development Manager

"As a creative director, I seek tools that boost efficiency while maintaining quality."

DeckFusion looks like it will strike that perfect balance. Its intuitive design and powerful AI capabilities will allow my team to create visually stunning and data-rich presentations - can't wait to check it out!

Michael Johnson, Creative Director

Launching in 2024.

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